Tafel 1 : 15 million people globally
Tafel 2 : German language
Tafel 3: learning German as a foreign language.
Tafel 4: Germany may be a long way away,
Tafel 5: but the road to the German language is much shorter.
Tafel 6: German is taught at more than 1700 PASCH schools around the world.
O-Ton 1: "Hello. I'm Sonja. I'm eleven. I'm from Samara."
O-Ton 2: "Hello, this is France. I'm Lucil, I live in Rennes."
O-Ton 3: "Hi I'm Leo. I go to the German school in Guadalajara."
O-Ton 4: "We understand each other."
O-Ton 5: "I learnt German because I wanted to learn a different language."
O-Ton 6: "I'm learning German."
O-Ton 7: "We're learning German."
O-Ton 8: "My name is Thibaut. I love Germany because I love German women."
O-Ton 9: "I've been learning German for 4 years."
O-Ton 10: "I'm learning German because I want to read German books in the original."
O-Ton 11: "I like German, because I'm interested in German culture."
Tafel 7: Join in - language connects
Tafel 8 : across the world.
O-Ton 12: "We understand each other."
O-Ton 13: "I like German, I like writing and rapping in German."
O-Ton 14: "We're rapping for movement, to move on, we rap for German."
O-Ton 15: "We understand each other."
O-Ton 16: "We understand each other."
Tafel 9 : PASCH is an initiative of the German Foreign Office in cooperation with:
Tafel 10 : The Central Agency for Schools Abroad, The Goethe Institute, The German
Academic Exchange Service, The Educational Exchange Service of the
Cultural Ministers' Conference