Indian school students and teachers meet the German Chancellor

Jun 14, 2017

German is one of the favorite subjects when it comes to foreign languages among Indian students. To support this trend and promote the German language learning in India, the Goethe Institute Max Mueller Bhavan (GI) and the Central Agency for Schools Abroad (ZfA) have been regularly conducting educational programmes and workshops in various schools in India. Startup with German Enlarge image Startup with German (© Max Mueller Bhavan)

In cooperation with the German Embassy New Delhi, Indo German Teachers Association (InDaF), Central Agency for Schools Abroad (ZfA) and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Goethe-Institut Max Mueller Bhavan in New Delhi launched an online competition for ideas and creativity “Startup with German” earlier this year to win a three week trip to Germany for German learners and a four week trip for German teachers. The project targeted school students of age group 12 – 14 learning German in Indian schools and German teachers in schools, higher education institutes and universities.

The entire project “Startup with German” has been funded by the Indira Gandhi Prize money, which was awarded by the Indian Government to the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The highlight of their upcoming trip to Berlin is the meeting with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The group is scheduled to fly to Germany in July this year. 

Out of around 400 applicants from different regions of India, 31 German learners and 4 teachers won a fully paid scholarship for 3 to 4 weeks language programmes at the Goethe Institute in Dresden and Berlin respectively. Talented young Indian minds participated enthusiastically in the competition with great ideas and creativity. The learners were expected to make presentation on the themes: Environment, Hobby and Internet. At the same time, their mentors were not far behind. The evaluation and selection process was not so easy either. The jury was tasked to select the best presentations out of an already excellent lot of applicants. 

Such initiatives and programmes motivate the youth not only to enhance their language proficiency but also help them to develop intercultural competence.

© German Embassy New Delhi

Indian school students and teachers meet the German Chancellor

Startup with German