Indo-German Biodiversity Programme organizes workshop

May 16, 2013

The Indo-German Biodiversity Programme with its overarching goal of conserving biological diversity to ensure livelihoods for future generations conducted its first Project Planning workshop in New Delhi.

The inaugural session of the workshop was attended by Mr. Cord Meier Klodt, Deputy Chief of Mission and Head, German Embassy in India, Mr. Hem Pande, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India and Mr. Dieter Mutz, Acting Country Director, GIZ India who gave their opening remarks to the workshop.

Mr. Meier-Klodt commended the organizers of the workshop for choosing an apt topic such as biodiversity conservation and the importance of scientific cooperation with respect to the same. He underlined that India and Germany share a vision: both countries are committed to protect biologial diversity to ensure livelihood of future generations - it is a global taks.

A total number of 70 participants were actively involved in discussions and deliberations throughout the workshop. Participants were representatives of Forest Departments from seven coastal states and one Union Territory, subject matter experts including representatives of multilateral organizations and nongovernmental agencies.

The workshop met MoEF and GIZ’s expectations as many suggestions for possible sites for future work on the theme were brought forth, along with identifying important research issues for the consideration of the project.

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Indo-German Biodiversity Programme organizes workshop

Deputy Chief of Mission Cord Meier Klodt at the workshop