Global Media Forum kicks off in Bonn

Jun 18, 2013

Celebrating its 60 years, Deutsche Welle (DW) kickstarted its 6th Global Media Forum in Bonn, Germany. The motto of this year's Global Media Forum is "The Future of Growth: Economic Values and the Media." Participants from around 100 countries made for a colorful start to the three-day conference from 17-19 June, 2013.

The Global Media Forum is a place where academics and politicians meet and exchange views with business people and journalists. In the past six years, The Global Media Forum has established itself as a forum for media representatives and actors from politics, culture, the business sector, the scientific field and development cooperation. The speakers in Bonn include Federal Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle and participants such as the distinguished American linguist and critic of capitalism Noam Chomsky.

On the opening day, the plenary assembly hall of the former German parliament was buzzing with life. Visitors from the realms of politics, the media and international organizations are participating in this year's Forum, and many of them chose to wear national dress. In the dozens of workshops they will discuss their role as journalists in a world that is rocked by economic, financial and environmental crisis. In politically unstable or economically disadvantaged regions, their work can be hugely important. This was one topic of discussion at the Forum, for example in the workshop "Why it is important to keep small newspapers, radio and television stations in rural areas." Several workshops also addressed the links between economic and journalistic interests.

The Mayor of Bonn, Jürgen Nimptsch, announced that he was delighted that the Forum was increasingly having an effect, saying he had noticed that topics of discussion at the conference often resurfaced at, for example, the United Nations. "It also has a very special dynamic," he added, "when you think that what we discuss here then goes out all across the world, because of all our participants."

The Forum program makes it easy for people to start thinking outside the box. Participants vary from the German government's Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) to environmental organizations, foundations from all over the world, and young start-up entrepreneurs looking for people to invest in their ideas.

Over the three days of the conference, around 2,500 people are expected to attend more than 50 events at the Forum.

For a live streaming of the conference, please click on the link below:

Global Media Forum Live Stream

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Global Media Forum kicks off in Bonn

The three day Global Media Forum will be held from June 17-19