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Discover Germany at Kids' Corner

Discover Germany

Germany is a country of amazing contrasts - in landscapes ranging from high mountains to icy cold seas, in culture from hip to heritage, in food from finger-licking confections to fine dining, and in its vibrant regional diversity. So dive in to learn more about the heart of Europe.

Germany and India at Kids' Corner

Germany & India

We are very strong trade partners, share similar political values, collaborate on the international stage, and have constant government to government dialogue. Our friendship extends to understanding and appreciating each other's cultures and we have a high level of partnership in science and research. What sort of buddies are we? Click here to find out.

Do Deutsch at Kids' Corner

Do Deutsch

German is the mother tongue of every fifth person in Europe and the second most commonly used language of science. Learning German opens up a whole world of literature, comics and films for you. And it also gives you the opportunity to explore challenging career options when you grow up. So - make it German!