Travelling to Germany

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What do you need?

If you are an Indian national and are planning a visit to Germany, your parents or guardians will need to apply for a visa at the German mission – that’s the Embassy in New Delhi or one of the four Consulates General in India – responsible for the place where you live. The process is easy as a breeze and explained in detail on the Visa and Consular Section of this website. Would you like to keep this checklist, just to make sure your guardian has followed all the steps?

Step 1: Download the visa application form from our website or get it from the German mission closest to your house

Step 2: Make sure all supporting documents as specified on our website are attached with the application while submitting the visa application. Also check that both of your parents / legal guardian signed the application form at least four times :)

Step 3: Your parent or guardian will need to get an appointment for a personal interview and submission of the visa application at the Visa Section of the German Embassy in New Delhi or the Consulate General responsible for the region where you stay

Step 4: Germany charges a fee of 60 Euros (approximately Rs. 4,300 - this varies as per the exchange rate at the time of submission) for adults and 35 Euros (approximately Rs. 2,500 - variable as per the exchange rate at the time of submission) for children between 6 - 12 yrs. No fee is charged for children below six years. The visa fees have to be paid by Demand Draft – so make sure your parent or guardian has already prepared the draft from their bank before the appointment date.

How long does it take?

Visa for Schengen states Enlarge image Visa for Schengen states (© picture-alliance/chromorange) We try our best to process visa applications for short durations within ten working days (not counting Saturdays, Sundays and other major public holidays when the German Missions are closed).

Applications for longer stays or employment visas may take several months to process. During the peak travel season, like your summer or winter vacations, there may be a longer waiting period.

Once your passport is stamped with the visa to Germany, just pack your bags and get ready to discover Deutschland!

Travelling to Germany

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