Germany & India

New Delhi's India Gate lit up in the colours of the German and Indian flags

Far away, so close

In 2011 – 2012, Germany and India celebrated the completion of 60 years of diplomatic relations with the ‘Year of Germany in India’. And the future promises to be as exciting. German is rapidly becoming the foreign language of choice for Indian students; the Embassy has begun its new campaign #k GerMANY that promotes German in the 1,000+ Kendriya Vidyalaya's (KVs) across India.

Germany is the heart of Europe

Who represents Germany in India

Germany has six Missions in India—the Embassy in New Delhi, the Consulates General in Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata and Mumbai and Honorary Consul in Goa.

Travel to Germany

Travelling to Germany

If you are an Indian national and are planning a visit to Germany, your parents or guardians will need to apply for a visa at the German mission – that’s the Embassy in New Delhi or one of the four Consulates General in India – responsible for the place where you live.

Germany & India

Germany and India at Kids' Corner