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German is the mother tongue of every fifth person in the European Union

Why learn German?

German is the mother tongue of every fifth person in the European Union, which means if you know the language you’ll feel at home while in Europe for a holiday, to study or for work when you’re grown up.

There are many options for learning German

Where can you learn German?

In India, German is now taught in 42 public schools that are part of the PASCH network. Apart from this, Kendriya Vidyalaya Schools across India have also begun offering German as a foreign language as part of the programme ‘German in 1,000 schools’.

Apps to learn German

Apps to brush up on your German

If you are learning German, and want to check out how much you've mastered, here are two apps from the Goethe-Institut that will help you.

These 'Kinder Ambassadors' or 'Young Ambassadors' - have excelled in learning German in Indian schools

Kinder Ambassadors

They're regular kids - just like you. But for us, they're very special. These are the 'Kinder Ambassadors' or 'Young Ambassadors' - children in Indian schools who have excelled in learning German and will help strengthen the friendship between Germany and India. We are pleased to introduce you to the toppers of the Fit in Deutsch examinations for 2012. And we hope you will join the list next year.

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KiKA: Spiel und Spaß

KiKA: Spiel und Spaß

Polish up your German with fun and games on this website