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German Chancellor Angela Merkel meets Indian schoolchildren in Berlin

The Federal Chancellor for Kids

You can click your way through the world of Chancellor Angela Merkel on this site especially for kids. And it's in English!

Website of the Federal Foreign Office for kids

The Federal Foreign Service for Kids

Take a trip through the Federal Foreign Minister! Find out what the German Foreign Service does around the world. (in German)

Cool cities

Cool Cities

Where would you find Sleeping Beauty's castle, what makes Berlin special, where is Germany's automobile hub - here's an introduction to Germany's cool cities.

Music, food, fun

Food, Music, Fun

Learn from Philipp in Germany about music that he likes, his favourite sports and food, and what he loves doing on holidays. 

Children at a school in Germany

School and Learning in Germany

What does school mean to you? Do you have a lot of friends? What are your favourite subjects? What do you enjoy the most? Here are some answers from your friends in Germany.

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