International Sports Promotion of the Federal Foreign Office

International Sports Promotion has been part of the Federal Republic of Germany’s cultural relations and education activities abroad since 1961. Since then it has supported 1,400 short and long-term projects in over 100 developing countries. It primarily promotes women’s, 
disabled, and youth sports, to help integration. The Federal Foreign Office supports popular sporting ­projects across the globe. 

In order to promote international sports in developing and newly industrializing countries, the German sports experts are seconded to these countries. The length of their deputation varies from short-term – lasting between fortnight and a year – to long term projects. 

The aim is to strengthen the sports structures in the partner country in long term, to pass on new training methods and to train the local coaches and teachers. Over the period of 50 years, the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) has partnered in the initiative of the Federal Foreign Office and has built a network of experts, partner associations and trainers. Moreover, the DOSB has also extended its reach to the National Paralympic Committee of Germany, and with universities e.g. German Sports University and Cologne. 

Interested national sports association, National Olympic and Paralympic Committees and ministries of sport and education in developing countries can apply for short – and long-term projects.

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  • Higher Education  in sports science at Leipzig University

Every year, as part of the foreign cultural and educational policy of the German Federal Foreign Office”, the Sports Science Faculty at Leipzig University organizes two international higher education courses of post graduate studies for physical education teachers and coaches from developing countries. The sport courses ranges from football and athletics to boxing, swimming and volleyball. Hockey has also been added to the list. 

These courses offer the participant the chance to improve their knowledge of sports science. Partcipants should have completed a course of study in sport and / or have wide experience as a sports teacher or coach.  Interested individuals can apply for the above course via German Embassy or consulate.

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  • Training school for foreign coaches in Mainz

The Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz offers one year course for athletics coaches in German. Every year, couches and athletes from developing countries are given training in Mainz. The training school is a joint project of the German Athletics Federation and Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz. 

The course includes theoretical and practical elements. A German language course is also offered, which runs parallel to the coaching course and ends with a language exam. Interested individuals should apply via German Embassy or consulate.

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International Sports Promotion of the Federal Foreign Office

Snowboarding in Germany

Deutscher Olympischer Sportbund (DOSB)

The German Olympic Sports Confederation ('Deutscher Olympischer Sportbund', DOSB) is the non-governmental umbrella organization of German sport. It was founded on May 20, 2006, resulting from the merger of the German Sports Confederation (DSB) and the National Olympic Committee for Germany. It has more than 28 million members in around 91, 000 sports clubs. The Patron of the DOSB is the German Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. The German Olympic Sports Confederation provides information on sports funding, ­volunteering, and event dates.

Deutscher Fussball-Bund (German Football Association)

With 6.85 million members, the German Football Association (DFB) is one of the biggest social networks in Germany. It is the only football association where both the men’s and 
the women’s team have won the World Cup. The DFB is affiliated with 25,456 clubs. All key info on football and clubs is available from the ­German Football Association.

Deutsches Fussball Museum – A Museum for football Fans

The aim of the German Football Museum is to present the phenomenon and universal appeal of football in a captivating way. The museum brings the sport’s emotionally charged history to life and celebrates the joy of football. The guiding principle and motto of the museum reflect its intent to become a central focal point for the game in Germany: We are football. An insight into the layout and staging of the German Football Museum can be gained by viewing the following video: Video

The sporting nation (a gallery)