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Germany expands nanotechnology funding with new action plan

Research for tomorrow's technologies

Germany is a land of ideas – and among the most innovative countries worldwide. Internationally renowned institutions like the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft for applied research, the Leibniz Gesellschaft and the Helmholtz Association have made the country a hub of cutting-edge international science and research. 

Education & exchange in Germany

Education & Exchange

Germany has a lot to offer as a place of study, with more than 400 state and private universities, and a wide variety of courses. About 300,000 foreign students currently study in Germany, of which over 11,860 are Indians. 

Studierende mit Laptop

Working, training and studying in Germany

Germany is an attractive immigration destination. This country is open to qualified professionals, students and researchers moving here from all over the world. 

Research & Education

DAAD - Siemens offer post-graduate research programme

Germany & India - partners on global issues

Germany & India - partners on global issues