Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection

Are you moving to Germany and would like to take your pet along? Do you have friends or family in Germany and would like to take your favourite Laddoo for them? Do you work in the field of agriculture and would like to inform yourself about the rules and regulations on importing or exporting to Germany? Or are you only interested in importing your favourite world-renowned Mosel Riesling? If you have any of these questions or would like any information on the field of agriculture and Germany, then the following pages are for you! Here you will find a collection of links to help inform yourself on everything from travelling with pets to information on upcoming fairs in Germany and India.

Agriculture policies in Germany

German policies on Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection

Information about German policies related to agriculture policy, research, statistical information, food safety strategy, German import regulations for food (including a guidance document with FAQs), consumer protection policy and much more can be found on the website of the Federal Ministry of Food, Agricuture and Consumer Protection. Current issues like food security, climate change and agriculture and Genetically Modified Organisms are also covered here.

Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection

Brochures and Publications

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Rules for entering the European Union with a pet

All you need to know when intending to bring your pet to Europe, including a list of authorised laboratories for rabies testing and relevant information on how to obtain the required pet passport.

Consumer Protection and Food Safety

Consumer Protection and Food Safety

The Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL) performs several duties, with which it contributes to safer food, and thus intensifies health-based consumer protection in Germany. Food can be manufactured and sold in Germany without special permission as long as it does not cause any damage to consumers’ health and meets the general standards set by legislation. However, manufacturers, importers, carriers and retailers are responsible for the food they put into circulation. They are required to ensure and document the safety and quality of their food through in-house control mechanisms.

Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection


Customs Information Center


What role does the German Customs Administration play nowadays? What is its place in the modern administration of our government, within the context of Europe and in the progressive globalization of economic, political and social processes?

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Important Internet Addresses

Further information on ongoing activities and issues related to consumer protection, agriculture and trade policy, sanitary and phytosanitary regulations, labelling requirements etc., these websites will provide ample information.

International Agriculture and Food Fairs

Agriculture and Food Fairs in Germany

Germany Trade and Invest

German Agricultural Society