The Bundestag - German parliament


Follow the latest news on political issues in Germany and updates on Indo-German bilateral political relations.  

German President Gauck and Ms. Schadt during their State visit to India in 2014, here with Indian President Mukherjee and his daughter

Germany and India - Strategic Partners

Bilateral relations between Germany and India are based on a sound foundation of mutual respect, understanding and support. The cooperation between both countries covers a wide range of areas from political action and growing economic exchange to landmark cultural events.

Memorial for the victims of World War-I in Germany

100th Anniversary of the First World War

On this site, we have brought together information on the 100th anniversary of the First World War.

Federal Chancellory Building

The Federal Government

The Federal Government and cabinet is made up of the Federal Chancellor and the Federal Ministers. While the Chancellor holds the power to issue directives, the ministers have departmental powers, meaning that they independently run their respective ministries in the framework of those directives. 

German Foreign Office in Berlin

German Foreign Policy

The primary goal of German foreign policy is to preserve peace and security in the world. The expanded concept of security covers questions of conflict prevention, defence, disarmament and arms control, as well as economic, ecological and social issues and human rights. This includes a global economy that creates opportunities for all, as well as fostering cross-border environmental protection and open dialogue between cultures. 

Germany in European Union

Germany in Europe

As the EU member state with the largest population, a strong economy and central geographical position, Germany has great interest in the development and advancement of European integration and its future expansion. In economic and political terms Germany has benefited greatly from Europe, the Common Market, the euro and the EU’s enlargement. 

The Human Rights Council in session

Human Rights policy in Germany

Germany’s human rights policy has a very concrete goal: to prevent human rights abuses and protect fundamental freedoms.

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The German Parliament