'One product, one test - accepted everywhere': German & Indian experts discuss ways forward at German Embassy

Improved implementation procedures for regulations and the adoption of international good practices such as ‘One product, one test – accepted everywhere’ will help move the Indo-German business agenda forward. This is the main result of the first German Industry Round Table on technical and regulatory challenges held under the framework of the Global Project Quality Infrastructure at the German Embassy in New Delhi on 29th August 2017.

TheGerman Ministry for Economy and Energy (BMWi), German cooperation agency GIZ, the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce (IGCC) and the German Embassy joined hands for a high-profile event in New Delhi. More than 40 representatives of testing institutes and German companies from various sectors – such as energy, machinery, IT, medical devices and automotive – discussed solutions for technical and regulatory challenges.

“The closer the economic relations between countries become, the more important it is to discuss technical and regulatory questions, such as common standards, testing and certification procedures. The need for industry round tables on quality infrastructure issues is therefore a positive sign of Germany and India’s close economic partnership”, highlighted Dr. Jasper Wieck, German Deputy Chief of Mission, in his welcoming address.

Ms. Sonia Prashar, Deputy Director General at IGCC, highlighted the tremendous economic collaboration between Germany and India which is exemplified by nearly 1,800 German companies already operating in India. Ease of doing business, is something they all look forward in the coming times, she said. “Reducing technical barriers to trade requires a constant dialogue between both governments and regulators as well as the involvement of key stakeholders” added Mr. Khushwant Singh, project leader of the Indian component of the Global Project Quality Infrastructure.

Getting the opportunity to collectively share their concerns is, in itself, an important step forward for businesses. Improving testing and certification procedures – such as the recognition of international test results – and adopting more international standards would significantly reduce costs, time and business uncertainties. Participants recommended that the Indian government shall conduct impact assessments of planned and recently passed legislations. Representatives of BIS and Invest India responded directly to the companies’ concerns.

Two further round tables will be organised on the automotive industry and machinery safety in Pune in September and on digital technologies in Bengaluru in October 2017. 

For further information, please contact the Global Project Quality Infrastructure – India ( giz%27%de,qi-india ).

'One product, one test - accepted everywhere': German & Indian experts discuss ways forward at German Embassy

Panel discussion at the meeting