Dr Gabriele Ney and German School bring St. Nikolaus presents to Wazirabad Village

It was surely the first time that the students of the Shiksha School in Wazirabad have heard of St. Nikolaus, a bishop who lived more than a thousand years ago in Turkey.
Every year on 6th December, Germans celebrate the “Nikolaus Day”, and children get a present from St. Nikolaus. On 8th December, Dr. Gabriele Ney, Ambassador Dr Martin Ney’s wife, together with children from the Kindergarten and the Primary School of the German School New Delhi brought presents to the Wazirabad school.
The gifts had been donated by members of the German community last Sunday at the St. Nikolaus event at the Residence of German Ambassador to India, Dr. Martin Ney.
Along with teachers and members of the NGO Shiskha, they enjoyed a traditional Indian dance performance and the singing of Christmas carols. The highlight was the distribution of the presents, which consisted of arts and crafts materials, as the Shiksha students are well known for their talents for painting and handicraft.

St. Nikolaus comes to town on an elephant!