Ambassador Dr. Ney presents classical music from Germany

Musical delicacies entertained the audience at Ambassador Dr. Martin Ney’s first house concert at his Residence on 14th January. The highly regarded Karlsruher Konzert-Duo consisting of virtuoso pianist Dagmar Hartmann and her congenial partner, cellist Reinhard Armleder, treated the guests to a delight of German and other European classical music ranging from Johann Sebastian Bach and Ludwig van Beethoven to Frédéric Chopin and Robert Schumann. Dr S Jaishankar, Foreign Secretary of India, was the guest of honour.
The concert began with a surprise: Ambassador Dr Ney—an accomplished flutist himself—performed a Bach Concerto with the duo. For this piece, Mrs Hartmann exchanged her piano for a harpsichord—the only one of its kind in India—to convey the spirit of Bach’s baroque compositions. The guests enjoyed the soulful music and the subsequent dinner.

Tracing sources of inspiration in India

Karlsruhe Concert Duo

Karlsruhe Concert Duo on their performances in India and their love for Indian Classical music.