German Football Freestylers in Delhi

On invitation by the Cultural Department of the German Embassy New Delhi, two German football freestylers, Maximilian Meyer and Daniel Korte made their way to Delhi to demonstrate their amazing skills. They performed fascinating tricks and left the football fans absolutely delighted.
The Cultural Counsellor of the German Embassy, Dietrich Graf von der Schulenburg welcomed the football freestylers in India. In his address to the viewers and students, he said: “There are many languages spoken in the world, but one language is understood by everyone: Sports. And Sports can often succeed in helping to develop understanding, friendships and bring communities together.”
Maximilian and Daniel performed various shows at Goethe Institut Max Mueller Bhavan, India Gate, Connaught Place and several Pasch Schools throughout the tour, entertaining the fans and spectators, and interacting with the onlookers and students.
Popularity and visibility of freestyle football is spreading across the world. Freestyle football is essentially an art of self-expression using a football, where an individual performs various tricks and juggling moves. Football is on the rise in India and has gained popularity in India. The successful hosting of this year´s Under 17 World Cup shows that the country is promoting football and is also making efforts to create an improved football infrastructure.

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