German wines impress Indian oenophiles

Germany is world-famous for excelling at building cars and machinery. In India, it is still less known that Germany also exports excellent wine.
For this reason, Ambassador Dr Martin Ney hosted a professional wine testing of carefully selected grapes from Germany at his Residence on 22nd November.
Indian wine connoisseurs were introduced to a variety of top quality white wines, red wines and sparkling wines, all produced under the umbrella of the German association of German Praedikat Wine Estates (VDP).
“All these wines ideally complement the Indian cuisine. As Indian food has a strong taste of its own, it needs wine with character. It is the distinct interplay between fruit and acidity that makes German wines particularly suited for Indian meals. I very much hope that we will soon find these wines on the shelves of Indian retailers and supermarkets at reasonable prices,” the Ambassador said during the event. The guests were impressed with the taste and variety of the wines served.
Christian Ress, who is running his family’s wine business in the 5th generation, introduced the wines to the guests.