German Riesling wines made for Indian cuisine

Ambassador Dr. Martin Ney and Mrs. Dr. Gabriele Ney invited 20 wine connoisseurs to their Residence on 7th March to introduce them to some of the finest Rieslings from the Moselle region.
Riesling grapes produce elegant wines of rich character with a special fragrance and taste that goes very well with India’s spicy cuisine. The guests were impressed with the taste and variety of the wines served. They agreed that German wines do not need to shun competition.
Germany is the world’s most important Riesling producer. Quantity and quality of each vintage depend considerably on weather conditions. The moderately warm summers, favourable amounts of rain during the vegetation period and the long ripening period enable the grapes to develop and retain their fruity acidity – the hallmark of German wines, particularly the Riesling wines. “This is what makes these wines so special and so well suited to be consumed with Indian dishes”, Ambassador Dr. Ney said.
For further information on wines from Germany, visit the website of the German Wine Institute