Germany supports India’s fight against terrorism

The growing terrorist activity worldwide has made obvious the need to counter terrorism globally with shared knowledge, information and best practices.

On 13 July, Ambassador Dr Martin Ney attended the joint training demonstration by the German Special Police Force and National Security Guard in New Delhi, where forces of both countries showcased various techniques to counter terrorism. Prior to the demonstration, the German Special Police Force conducted a two-weeks training programme for their Indian counterparts.

Indo-German collaboration in the security and counter terrorism area has been intensified following the signing of the MoU on Security Cooperation during the Indo-German Intergovernmental Consultations on 5 October, 2015. “We signed the MoU on Security Cooperation being aware that only international cooperation can help in effectively preventing and countering terrorism and preventing and combating crossborder crime. India and Germany have great roles to play in this regard,” said the Ambassador.