Cutting-edge research

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Knowledge is considered one of the most important “raw materials” in our globalised world. 

When it comes to the production of this resource, Germany is an international leader. Remarkable ideas and innovations are developed not only at its many prestigious universities and extra-university research institutions, but also in industrial research. The special feature on cutting-edge research in the latest issue of DE Magazin Deutschland takes a closer look at Germany’s multifaceted research landscape and introduces some of its brightest minds, including many international researchers. Articles, interviews and portraits examine why Germany is an inviting place to do research and how internationalisation and networking are being encouraged in the German research system.

In addition, this issue looks back – and, at the same time, forward: 8 May 2015 is the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. How can the victims be remembered in the future, when there will soon be no contemporary witnesses left? In an essay, cultural studies scholar Aleida Assmann looks for answers and comes to the conclusion: “Memory cannot simply be kept alive, it must always be renewed.” Commemoration and celebration are sometimes very close together. That is demonstrated by the city of Leipzig whose first documentary mention 1,000 years ago gives occasion for a major anniversary year in 2015. Our DE Portfolio article reveals why the inhabitants of the Saxon metropolis have no doubt at all that the peaceful revolution could only have begun there. Another article takes us to Germany’s deep south, to Schloss Elmau, the enchanted location in Bavaria where G7 heads of state and government will meet for their summit in June 2015.

A fascinating report also visits dedicated people all over Germany who help refugees taking their first steps towards a new life.

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Cutting-edge research