Living & Working in Germany

You may drive in Germany with your valid full Indian licence for the period of up to six months

Indian drivers licence in Germany

Can I use my Indian drivers licence in Germany or do I need to exchange it for a German licence? Do I need an International licence?  

A student in the library of Goethe Institute, New Delhi

Learning German language

Whether you are just looking to gain work experience or even work full time in Germany, it is essential that you have good language skills. The large supply of local labour means that foreigners who do not speak good German will have a hard time finding a job, or getting around in Germany.

German courses offered by the Goethe Institute

Common phrases and expressions

How good is your knowledge of the language?


Finding an accommodation

If you want to work in Germany, you will possibly also need to relocate your place of residence to Germany. That means that you will need to look for an accommodation. Here are some practical tips for you to find a suitable flat on rent.

Guidelines for finding an accommodation

Furnished accommodations in Germany

Schengen Visa

Employment Visa

As a general rule non-EU nationals need a residence title (visa or residence permit) to take up employment in Germany. Indian nationals, if intending to work in Germany must apply for an employment visa from the competent mission before arriving in Germany.  

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Welcome to Germany - easier immigration for highly skilled workers

Research and innovation in Germany are on the rise. With its strong industrial foundation, Germany is meeting the challenges of global competition while creating secure and sustainable jobs for the future. These jobs offer opportunities for many people, particularly for skilled workers. Germany is also an attractive location for international students.

Living & Working in Germany

Volkswagen Group opens training academy in India

Make it in Germany

Make it in Germany

The 'Make it in Germany' portal gives the key information about making a career and living in Germany.

Recognition in Germany

Recognition in Germany

This portal takes you through the procedure for recognition of foreign professional qualifications in Germany.

EU Policy on immigration


Labour immigration has a key role to play in driving economic development. Find here comprehensive information about EU policy on immigration.

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Young Germany: Your career, education and lifestyle guide


Are you interested in working, studying or doing research in Germany? Then YG is the place to find unique information in English about all topics related to Germany.

Young Germany

Job Search

Job search

Interested to work in Germany, or in Europe? On the job mobility portal of German Employment Agency and the European Commission you could upload your profile as well as search and apply for a suitable job.

Job search in Germany

Job search in Europe