Employment Visa

Indian nationals intending to work in Germany must apply for an employment visa from the competent mission before arriving in Germany. After arrival in Germany, your visa will be changed to a residence cum work permit by the immigration authority. The visa application will be submitted by the German mission to the local immigration authority where you intend to reside in Germany for approval. The German mission abroad can only issue the visa after the immigration authority has given its approval. The approval procedure usually takes from a couple of days to more than two months. However, in case of a scientist visa, including a scholarship stay being financed under an EU-Programme, an approval from this local immigration authority is not required. Furthermore, the family members of a guest scientist receive now the right to unrestricted practice of a gainful employment.

Locate German Missions in India

German Missions in India

If you wish to apply for a visa, then please first of all refer to the following webpage to find out, which German Mission you need to approach to submit your visa application. You could also refer to our flash based interactive map to find the address details.