Destination Germany

Making up a checker-board of fantasy, natural beauty, classical cultures and quaint folksiness, Germany can satisfy any traveller’s wanderlust. No wonder then, the heart of Europe continues to be a popular destination for tourists from the world over.

There is plenty to pick from, a calendar bursting with fairs and festivities, exciting travel routes through the famed Fairylands of the Brothers Grimm or the open-house at the vineyards during harvest, treks and expeditions across scenic country and a feast of displays at museums and exhibitions, both indoor as well as open-air.

Travelling through Germany is easy, through its famed road and rail networks, by air or even along the waterways. Language no longer remains a barrier and English is spoken or at least understood by most of the local residents.

Useful facts about Germany

Map of Germany

Find your way around Germany through this interactive map

Travel tips

Travel Tips

Get a quick overview of things you need to know while travelling to Germany.

World Heritage Sites in Germany

World Heritage Sites

Germany has 40 UNESCO World Heritage sites that have been designated as sites of "extraordinary universal interest". Find out more on this unique repository of nature and heritage.

Germany's youth hotspots

Germany's youth hotspots

Are you young or young at heart? The German National Tourism Board has a brand-new microsite containing information on quirky bars and cafes, the latest festivals & events, popular places of interest, vibrant clubs and trendy shops... and you can even share your experiences! Check it out now

Destination Germany

The town hall in the German city of Hanover

Useful Facts

Useful facts

Handy information about Gemany to keep on your fingertips

German National Tourist Board

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The German National Tourist Board (GNTB) promotes Germany as a travel destination to a worldwide market through its brand – 'Destination Germany'. Find attractive travel offers and useful information on their website.

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