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View of Alexanderplatz with Berolinahaus (R), world clock and TV Tower in Berlin

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What are the current hot destinations in Germany? Which museum is running special shows? Where to eat, what to drink? Keep a tab on all this and more on the News page.

About Germany

At a Glance

Germany is the heart of Europe. Surrounded by nine neighbours, it has a unique blend of ethnic diversity, modern lifestyle, great educational and employment opportunities, and not the least, an unparalleled zest for sports. Know more about what makes Germany tick.

The town hall in the German city of Hanover

Destination Germany

Making up a checker-board of fantasy, natural beauty, classical cultures and quaint folksiness, Germany can satisfy any traveller’s wanderlust. Get hands-on information for your journey through this amazing country.

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German National Tourist Board

The German National Tourist Board (GNTB) promotes Germany as a travel destination to a worldwide market through its brand – 'Destination Germany'. Find attractive travel offers and useful information on their website.

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Living & Working in Germany

Here are some guidelines regarding rules and regulations for non-EU nationals who want to work in Germany. Compiled information on many other practical issues like validity of your driving licence, finding an accomodation and job as well as some common phrases and expressions in German language would be helpful for you.

Facts about Germany

New 'Facts About Germany'

Everything you need to know about Germany is featured on the new website of 'Facts About Germany' in no less than 19 languages.

About Germany

A model walks for the label 'Michalsky' during the 2010 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week