Beware of fake offers for employment in Germany!

Recently, Indian citizens interested in employment opportunities abroad have received fake job offers from alleged German employers or agents. If you are looking for employment in Germany, we strongly advise you to make sure that you are a dealing with legitimate contacts.

You are most likely dealing with a scam if

  • you receive unrequisited job offers
  • you receive job offers or contracts promising a high salary, without having gone through a personal interview and in-depth verification of your credentials and qualifications
  • an agent is involved and the documents you receive are written in informal style and do not contain full and correct contact information
  • if you are requested to advance transfer a fee in order to further process your application
  • if you are informed that your visa/residence permit has been “pre-approved”

In case you are being provided contact details of an alleged visa officer please check carefully whether all the details (e-mail-address, phone numbers etc) match the ones given on the German Embassy’s or Consulate General’s official website. Even real names of consular officers are being used, but always with wrong contact (e-mail and phone) information.

Keep in mind: If something looks too good to be true, it usually isn’t true!

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Beware of fake offers for employment in Germany!