German Police Clearance Certificate

Police Clearance Certificates are issued by the Federal Central Register (Bundeszentralregister) of the German Federal Office for Justice.


Applicants residing outside of Germanyare required to have their personal data and signature attested on the application form.

This attestation can be obtained at the competent German foreign mission in India.

If you wish to obtain the attestation you are required to appear in person and present your valid passport to ensure proper identification. Please check the website of your local German mission to find out whether you need to arrange for an appointment in order to get your signature attested.

The fee for the above service is approx. 1100,- INR (depending on the current exchange rate).

Drivers licenses, or other government-issued identification documents will not be accepted for this purpose.

After the attestation of your signature, you need to send the application form to the Federal Office for Justice (address indicated at the top of the form); please check payment arrangements in advance on the Federal Office for Justice's website.


Further information on the application procedure please consult the information on the following application form.