Consular Services

The following consular services are provided by the German Consulate Mumbai for Indian citizens. To go through the services provided by other German Missions, please refer to the following webpage:  'German Missions in India'  

Attestation of documents, signatures and copies

German consular officers are empowered by statute to certify and authenticate documents, signatures and copies for legal use in Germany. Documents executed before a consular officer rank equally with those executed before a notary in Germany.


Life Certificates and Pension Certificates

Life Certificates sent from Germany can be attested by consular officers at all German Missions in India. The consular section also offers its services to have your identity and signature certified for your pension from Germany. Attestation of these documents is free of charge.


Marriage in India

Marriages in India are regarded as valid in Germany if the legal provisions relating to those marriages were abided by. In addition, both the bride and groom must meet all legal requirements for marriage under the law of their home states. 


Marriage in Germany

In Germany, you can get legally married only at the 'Standesamt' (Registry Office/Registrar). The German Registrar usually requires certain documents for this process. 

You may drive in Germany with your valid full Indian licence for the period of up to six months

Indian drivers licence in Germany

Can I use my Indian drivers licence in Germany or do I need to exchange it for a German licence? Do I need an International licence?  

Bargeld Euro

Are you carrying €10,000 or more in cash?

Are you carrying €10,000 or more in cash on your travel to or from an EU-Nation? If yes, then you are obliged to declare it. Click to read more:


German Value Added Tax Refund

The price for merchandise purchased in Germany includes a 19% Value Added Tax (VAT). The VAT can be refunded if the merchandise is purchased and exported by a customer whose residence is outside the European Union.  

Visa and Consular Department:

Arcadia Building, Ground Floor,

NCPA Marg, 195 Nariman Point,

Mumbai  400 021.

Tel: +91 22  2283 0301 / 2283 9834 - 35

Fax: +91 22 2284 2184

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday: 09:00 to 12:00 (noon)

Consular services available by prior appointment only. Kindly book an appointment by e-mailing at:


Honorary Consul, Goa

Honorary Consul Dean Menezes

Mr. Dean Menezes, the Honorary Consul, provides limited consular services in the state of Goa.

Holiday List for the year 2017

View the complete list of holidays of the Consulate General Mumbai for 2017.

How to reach us in cases of emergency

emergency Enlarge image (© dpa - Report) Emergency Service Telephone:        

+91 97 6948 5478

Please note that this number is activated after office hours for emergency purposes only! Visa enquiries do not qualify as an emergency. Kindly keep in mind the difference in time between some countries.