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Deutsche Welle is Germany's international broadcaster and is a member of the ARD (Consortium of public broadcasters of the Federal Republic of Germany). Deutsche Welle broadcasts in several languages and besides the radio program DW Radio also airs the TV Program DW-TV and and the online in 30 languages, where one can also find German language courses. In addition, the DW-Akademie is also a part of Deutsche Welle.

DW went on air on May 3, 1953 with a German language shortwave broadcast for the first time. In 1960 DW became an independent entity and as per the German law was assigned the task of producing radio programs for Germany and the rest of Europe. With the widespread broadcasts in other countries, DW's multilingualism also increased. Since 1964 DW also broadcasts in Hindi and Urdu.

On 1st April, 1992 the DW started TV programs in both English and German. In 1995, Deutsche Welle was the first public broadcaster in Germany with a World Wide Web presence and with it became the first public service broadcaster in Germany to be present on the Internet. Since 2004, DW awards the BOB (Best of the Blogs) award with the hlep of an international jury.

Since 2008 DW hosts the annual "Global Media Forum," an international conference held in Bonn on the roles and responsibilities of the media in the world in view of the challenges of globalisation. Events on topics like environment, human rights and education bring together numerous media representatives from all over the world.

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Deutsche Welle's new English-language TV channel

Starting June 22, 2015, Deutsche Welle will broadcast its new TV-Channel including German-language news program "DW Nachrichten" around the clock. The newly structured TV channels will include among others DW in English, Spanish and Arabic.

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German News Service - Discover Germany firsthand

The German News Service is a free news wire of the Deutsche Welle in cooperation with the German Press Agency (dpa) especially for media representatives as well as for everyone who is interested in Germany and wants to know more about German lifestyle, business and culture.

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