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Find below information and updates on events and artists from the Hip Hop scene.

The HipHop Cookbook

The Hip Hop Cookbook

"The Hip Hop Cookbook" brings together the favourite recipes of over 40 international Hip Hoppers. The book - a compilation of 112 colourful pages and 470 Photos und Illustrations - offers an insight into the lives and kitchens of some of the most extraordinary artists from all four Hip Hop elements - MCing, breaking, graffiti writing and DJing like Kurtis Blow, Grand Mixer DXT, DJ Static, Blade, Can2, Lil’ Cesar (Air Force Crew), ­Emile XY, Master OC (Fearless Four), Shiro, Wane One, Zulu Gremlin, Loomit, DJ URI, ­Cutmaster GB and Zebster, amongst others. Accompanying the artists’ favorite recipes are short stories, biographies and photos from the past and present.

Good Bye and Welcome back!

DJ Uri & friends @ HipHopStuetzpunkt Enlarge image (© HipHopStuetzpunkt) For over 3 months DJ Uri stayed in Germany at the Hip Hop Stützpunkt - Berlin and rocked the turntables in Stuttgart, Dresden, Hamburg and other cities including Berlin. He also visited many project partners from the Indo-German Hip-Hop & Urban Art Project and supported it with his DJ skills. In Berlin he also made it to the "Hip Hop Cook Book" (by Cutmaster GB; FHTF - Publishing) which is just released, with his "Jungle Spice Lamb Curry" recipe. To say "good bye" DJ URI invited his new and old friends for a giant dinner to the Common Ground Gallery. However, we are happy to know you are back in Mumbai now!

Ambarin Kadri

Youth Exchange Programm Urban Culture Summer 2012

Find the feedbacks of two of over a dozen Indian HipHoppers that came to Germany for about two weeks last July. The Indo-German Exchange Program that was mainly coordinated by HipHopStuetzpunkt Berlin and substantially supported by the city of Stuttgart was a huge success. The participants were thrilled and the connections made promised a lively follow-up of the exchange programm. Below the comments of B-Girl Ambarin Kadri and graffiti artist Ravi Naidu.

Slumgods + Tiny Drops

DJ Uri@Tiny Drops Enlarge image (© Joel Sames)

Hip-Hop has also  established itself in India as a lifestyle with which the children and the youth can relate to. Values like solidarity and respect convey to the kids, especially those less privileged, a sense of belonging and esteem and therewith a rising self-confidence. Hip-Hop is increasingly accepted as an experimental approach to educational work because it is a suitable support for back-to-school programms and the same time has the potential to bridge inter-cultural differences and thereby facilitates conflict-free dealings with one another.

Projects in the field of Hip-Hop are joining forces with networks for e.g. in the metropolitan area of Mumbai Beispiel Roc Fresh Crew, Dharavi Rocks, the Slumgods and Tiny Drops have made a name for themselves. Touching impressions of these are to be found on youtube.

The Wall Project Mumbai

The urge to reach out for a spray can when one sees a wall is strong everywhere in the world, even in Mumbai. The Wall Project Mumbai was started in 2009, with the aim of giving Mumbaikars an opportunity to paint one of the most neglected, yet visible, walls in Mumbai that spans the Tulsi Pipe Road.

well done!

Here you may find who has been here, has done that and thus contributed to the HipHop ties connecting India and Germany...


Live-mix from DJ Uri & DJ Hype: Bollywood soundtracks and German Funkbreak rarities!

Hip Hop Stützpunkt Berlin

The freie Kulturhaus in Berlin was established in 2007 by Akim Walta with emphasis on Urban Art. The Hip-Hop Stützpunkt is the head office of a global network of artists and promotes an international exchange of creative people of every age in the field of urban art.

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been there, seen that...

The colorful mosaic pieces in the glitzy cosmos of Mumbai's nightlife: