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Enlarge image Here you may find who has been here, has done that and thus contributed to the HipHop ties connecting India and Germany...

Urban Culture Project

On the occasion of Europe Day celebrated on May 9th every year, European institutions along with local artists are presenting a 5-day extravaganza from 8th to the 12th May. Beat-Boxer, Breakdancer and Graffiti artists from Germany, France and Norway along with indian Hiphoppers are organising workshops and gigs. Spray painting at Cool Chef Cafe in Worli, Breakdance and Beatbox workshops and lastly a party with a jam session in blueFrog only leaves one asking for more.

Indo German Hip Hop Projekt

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Under the aegis of the German year in India the Hip Hop Stützpunkt from Berlin was also actively involved and travelled to Mumbai in April 2012. Other than creating a Graffiti wall, it conducted several workshops, Cypherholic B-Boy Jam and Hip - Hop shows on open air stages.

And along with it Stok La Rock (HH, Funk Fellaz), Shew Sharlatan (Strausberg, Kolonne Ost), Frieda Frost (Berlin), DJane Saraza (Tokyo), Seagel Gold (Jena), Shiro (Tokyo) Zebster (Berlin, FHTF) and DJ Uri (Mumbai, Start from Scratch) in addition to the innumerable B-Boys and B-Girls, Writers and Rappers from Mumbai.

DJ Ipek

DJ Ipek

As part of the Grime Riot Series of the Cool Chef Café the turkish-born German DJ Ipek Ipekcioglu set off on an Indian Tour of 3 cities - Mumbai, Pune and Chennai and catered to a full house with her mix of style of Techno and ethno. Ethno-House from Berlin also quickly made itself at home in Mumbai.

Joel Sames - Round the Potholes

In January 2012 the German-Swiss artist, Joel Sames, presented his photographic documentation about the Hip-Hop culture in conflict areas and the urban regions with significant marginalisation in the art gallery False Ceiling in Bandra, Mumbai. The exhibition showcased photographs from the project "Skateistan."

Graffiti Artists in India

Matthias Köhler aka Loomit was with Akim Walta aka Zebster und Tasso in India and the graffiti sprayers lent the Hip Hop Projekt Germany X India fresh colors. Click on the links below to see Loomit's colorful travel impressions.

DJ Hype und Jim Dunloop

An exciting interplay of DJing, Turntablism and Piano left the fans in Mumbai asking for more.


Live-mix from DJ Uri & DJ Hype: Bollywood soundtracks and German Funkbreak rarities!

Hip Hop Stützpunkt Berlin

The freie Kulturhaus in Berlin was established in 2007 by Akim Walta with emphasis on Urban Art. The Hip-Hop Stützpunkt is the head office of a global network of artists and promotes an international exchange of creative people of every age in the field of urban art.

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The colorful mosaic pieces in the glitzy cosmos of Mumbai's nightlife: