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Yearly Alumni Meet at the German Consulate General

Annual Alumni Meeting at the Consulate General

The Annual Alumni Meeting of recipients of research scholarships from various German scientific organizations (Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Fraunhofer Society, Helmholtz Community, DFG, DAAD etc.) was recently held at the German Consulate with over 50 eminent alumni from various scientific fields in attendance. Consul General Dr. Michael Feiner used the occasion to officially hand over a grant to alumnus Dr. Sujit Kumar Ghosh for the acquisition of a dark field microscope as equipment subsidy from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation to the Department of Chemistry of Assam University...

Welcome to the German Consulate General Kolkata

The states of West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura belong to the consular area of the German Consulate General Kolkata

Handover of the football gears to girl's team in Alipurduar

German Consulate General Kolkata supports “Football for Freedom”

The NGO ‘Jabala Action Research Organisation’ has been working for many years against trafficking of young and adolescent girls, in particularly affected districts of West Bengal. The district of Alipurduar in the northeastern part of the state, bordering Assam, is known for very high rates of girls’/women trafficking. People of this area, many of whom from indigenous backgrounds, traditionally work as low paid workers affiliated to numerous tea estates...

Humboldt-Kolleg zur nachhaltigen Energie in Kalkutta

Humboldt Kolleg on Energy Sustainability in Kolkata

During February 2 – 4, 2018, Humboldt Club Calcutta (HCC) held a Kolleg (Colloquium) on ‘Energy Sustainability: A Roadmap for the Future’. The Kolleg was a gathering of a number of eminent scientists from India and Germany, conducting research in the fields of Physics, Chemistry and Engineering. Around 110 scientists participated in the event, 20 young researchers presented their papers. The Kolleg has been sponsored by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation...

Climate project


A documentary produced deals with the Environment and Climate Change challenges being faced by the city of Kolkata. It is perhaps the first such Documentary produced which looks at a city from an Environment and Climate Change perspective. The documentary also highlights the changing scenario in the Sundarbans – a UNESCO world heritage site which has been affected by the climate change and its impacts. The bi-lingual (English, Bengali) film aims to...

Conference on Awareness to fight against Human Trafficking

Awareness building conference against Human Trafficking

The German Consulate General Kolkata and Jabala Action Research Organisation organized a day-long conference on ‘Awareness building to Fight Against Human Trafficking’. Since March 2017 the German Consulate General Kolkata has been funding an awareness building project by the NGO Jabala to Fight Against Human Trafficking. Project ‘SAMPARKA’ was conducted in four districts of West Bengal (Alipurduar, Birbhum, Murshidabad and North 24 Parganas) where young women and adolescents are most affected by this scourge. Under this networking project young women, girls and local stakeholders formed Human Rights Defenders’ Systems as well as Adolescent Peer Groups. Over 185,000 young people were reached by various events and activities. This conference was the concluding event of the project.

Charity Christmas Market

Charity Christmas Market 2017

On 3rd December, the German Consulate General, together with the Kolkata International Women’s Club, organised a Charity Christmas Market in the garden of the Consulate, already the third of its kind. The aim is to offer the NGOs a platform to inform visitors about their work and initiatives and provide them with an opportunity to sell their products at the fair.   Over 30 NGO’s sold their handmade products such as garments, jewelry, bags, shawls and decorations. Moreover, the Consulate General sold traditional German food and drinks like Christmas cookies, sausages, Pretzels, Beer and the very popular Glühwein (mulled wine). The proceeds of these sales, together with those of the raffle, will in turn be used to support NGO projects. While enjoying food and drinks, visitors could watch a nativity play and listen to Christmas Carols. One of the highlight of the day was the appearance of Father Christmas and the prize-giving ceremony of the raffle, where a 13- year old fan was overjoyed to win the coveted first prize - a signed Jersey from German U17 national football players! The Consulate General Kolkata wishes everyone a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We look forward to welcome you again next year! For more pictures check our Facebook:

Visit to the H.E.L.G.O.

Visit to the NGO H.E.L.G.O.

Consul General Dr. Michael Feiner visited the non-profit organisation H. E. L.G.O. and had the chance to interact with the children and the German volunteers who teach the children and engage them in different activities. Organisation H.E.L.G.O. - „Help for Education and Life Guide Organisation“ enables child labourers to receive proper education and hence protecting the children from child labour. At present there are about 100 children supported in his organisation. More information about the organisation: HELGO

Cross of the Order of Merit to Mr. Rajesh Nath ceremony

Cross of the Order of Merit to Mr. Rajesh Nath

On behalf of the German Federal President, Consul General Dr. Michael Feiner on October 6th presented Mr. Rajesh Nath, Managing Director – VDMA, German Engineering Federation with the Federal Cross of Merit (Bundesverdienstkreuz). This high decoration is bestowed on individuals for their achievements in the political, economic, social or intellectual realm. Mr. Nath over many years has contributed substantially in fostering stronger Indo-German economic relations and as an intermediary between the two cultures has positively shaped Indo-German relations in general.

30th July event - World Day against Trafficking in Persons

Event against Human Trafficking

At the World Day against Trafficking in Persons on 30th July, German Consulate General Kolkata in association with the NGOs Jabala Research Organisation, Missing and Apne Aap Worldwide organised an event at the Quest mall. The aim was to reach out to a wider audience to raise awareness about this grave issue and to sensitize the people about it. The main highlight of the afternoon were two dancing flash mobs which were presented by the NGO children at the lobby of the Quest mall. Apart from that, a photo booth corner kept the shoppers busy who showed support by sharing their pledge with us. 

Deputy Consul General at the Roilang Vocational Training Institute Inauguration

Deputy Consul General Mr. Jürgen T. Schrod on his maiden visit in Meghalaya

The Deputy Consul General Mr. Jürgen Thomas Schrod (German Consulate General Kolkata) was on his maiden visit to Meghalaya, Shillong in July. During the visit he had the opportunity to meet with representatives of the civil society, development aid, politics, media, think-tanks and economy. Mr. Schrod inaugurated a social project from the NGO Bethany Society which was funded by the German Consulate General in Kolkata. With the financial support it was possible to purchase orthopedic shoemaking tools and machinery for a vocational training unit where jobless disabled youth are getting trained. Furthermore...

Contract Signing

German Consulate General Kolkata supports 'Swach Gram' Project

The German Consulate General in Kolkata has granted 21000 Euro to the Missing Link Trust for the ‘Swach Gram’ project in Kultali Block, South- 24 Parganas District, West Bengal. The project mission is to improve the public health situation of 500 households in Kultali Block by supporting the construction of 104 toilets. This project intends to become a platform for generating awareness on social issues like public hygiene. Furthermore, it will upgrade the living conditions of the human trafficking survivors and the vulnerable ones mainly women, children and their families by providing proper sanitation facility in this block...

Contract Signing with CCC

Greener, Cleaner World - Environment and Climate Change

The German Consulate General Kolkata has extended its support for a Project "Greener, Cleaner World - ENVIRONMENT & CLIMATE CHANGE DIALOGUES AND ACTION" in cooperation with the NGO Centre for Contemporary Communication (CCC). The project will focus on creating Environment and Climate Change Dialogues about the Vulnerability of the City of Kolkata, its key factors and major challenges. The German Consulate General has made funds worth 40,000 Euro availabe for the project. The project aims to create awareness, knowledge and understanding about the climate change issues and various challenges faced among the citizens especially the youth with a medium of documentary, Q&A interactions and projects in schools and colleges. Furthermore, to engage...

Adolescent Peer Group Training

Continuous Fight Against Human Trafficking

Under the 8-month long project ‘SAMPARKA’ to fight against Human Trafficking, funded by the German Consulate General Kolkata, an ‘Adolescent Peer Group Training’ was organized by the NGO ‘Jabala’ on 14 May 2017 with the girls of different villages in Kalchini and Alipurduar-1 blocks of Alipurduar district in West Bengal. Apart from discussing about the rights to have ‘independence’, ‘equal opportunities’, ‘security’, ‘health’ and ‘education’, through presentations with self-drawn charts, roll playing and other group activities 45 girls made the event very lively, thoroughly interactive and informative.

Human Rights Project - Samparka

Fight against Human Trafficking

On 06 May 2017 the NGO Jabala organized a ‘Panchayat level sensitization meeting’ on preventing human trafficking at Balti-Nittanandakati Gram Panchayat of Swarupnagar Block/ North 24 Parganas. Enthusiastic students of local high schools and college, school teachers, civic and ICDS-volunteers, village supervisors, local NGOs, religious leader, local political leader, panchayat members and police officers actively participated in the program with discussions and group work. This ‘Panchayat level sensitization meeting’ ...

Mural Art Project

Mural Art Project on the boundary wall of the German Consulate General

Protection of women and the improvement of their human rights situation is the focal point of the human rights policy of the German Government. To further highlight the importance of this issue and to create awareness against Human Trafficking and Slavery, German Consulate General in Kolkata represented by the Deputy Consul General Mr. Jürgen T. Schrod collaborated with Missing Collective artists, Leena Kejriwal and Amogh Lux who addressed the grave issues in a unique way i.e. the team of ‘Missing Collective’ created a Mural Art on the boundary wall of the Consulate General.

Contract signing with CBM India Trust

Support for CBM India Trust

The German Consulate General in Kolkata supports CBM India Trust’s project with the NGO Bethany Society in Meghalaya for buying the orthopedic shoemaking tools and machinery for their vocational training unit where the jobless disabled youth will be trained. The vocational training institute will provide the disabled people a chance to undergo a professional training and hence giving them a chance to lead an independent and a better life.

Visit to Dr. B. N. Roy Trust NGO in Jemo Rajbati, Murshidabad

German Consulate General supports B. N. Roy Trust in Jemo, Murshidabad

The non-governmental organisation ‘Dr. B.N. Roy Trust’ works for the betterment of the underprivileged children, youth and for the handicapped by providing them free primary and secondary education. The trust also runs a vocational training institute where the young girls and boys get trained in various skills like electrical courses, basic computer education, sewing courses for women among others. The German Consulate General Kolkata has given the financial aid to the NGO under the small scale project scheme.

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