Greener, Cleaner World - Environment and Climate Change

Contract Signing with CCC Enlarge image Deputy Consul General Jürgen T. Schrod with Ms. Mallika Jalan (Director) and Dr. Tapati Ghosh (President) of NGO Centre for Contemporary Communication (© GK_Kol)

The German Consulate General Kolkata has extended its support for a Project "Greener, Cleaner World - ENVIRONMENT & CLIMATE CHANGE DIALOGUES AND ACTION" in cooperation with the NGO Centre for Contemporary Communication (CCC). The project will focus on creating Environment and Climate Change Dialogues about the Vulnerability of the City of Kolkata, its key factors and major challenges. The German Consulate General has made funds worth 40,000 Euro availabe for the project.
The project aims to create awareness, knowledge and understanding about the climate change issues and various challenges faced among the citizens especially the youth with a medium of documentary, Q&A interactions and projects in schools and colleges. Furthermore, to engage the decision makers i.e. Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) in the ‘Greener, Cleaner World’ - Dialogue and find ways to address this issue and make the city a better place to live.

CCC works with issues the city’s rapid urbanization, susceptibility to climate change, and environmental sustainability. The NGO has been actively involved in addressing the climate change challenges and has initiated projects in schools and colleges to find solutions and find alternative ways to cope up with this mammoth task. On behalf of the German Consulate General Kolkata, the Deputy Consul General, Mr. Jürgen Thomas Schrod signed the contract with the representatives of the CCC Ms. Mallika Jalan (Director) and Dr. Tapati Ghosh (President).

Germany and India agreed on cooperation in the field of environment protection already in 1998. Development cooperation in the sector is specifically focused on natural resource management, climate change adaptation and mitigation, biodiversity, urban and industrial environment protection and innovative green technologies.