The Consul General - Curriculum vitae

Olaf Iversen                        
born November, 26th, 1951 in Hamburg, married with three chidren
1971             Abitur in Duesseldorf
1971-73        Service in the German Navy
1973-76        Foreign Service Academy, Bonn
1978-81        Consular and Commercial Service, Kolkata
1982-86        Consular and Commercial Service, Canberra
1986-91        Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bonn
1991-95        Dy. Head of Economic Department, London
1995-98        Head of Media Department, Helsinki
1998-2003     Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Berlin,
                     Economic Department
2003-2005      Political Department, Rome
2005-2009      Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Berlin, Head of Procurement Division
2009-2012      Head of Economic Department, Berne
2012-2015      Dy. Head of Mission, Copenhagen

Since 10.08.2015   Consul General in Kolkata