Dual vocational training

Berufsausbildung Enlarge image (© dpa/picture-alliance) The German dual system of vocational training makes a great contribution to Germany’s economic strength. Companies and educational institutions cooperate to teach trainees expertise and train them on how to apply this knowledge within the companies.

Dual vocational training in Germany – a successful start to your career

In recent years, companies have not always managed to fill all of the apprenticeship positions advertised in a number of areas and regions. Some German companies are experiencing a lack of young employees. Not only EU citizens, but also young people from non-EU countries can start their vocational training in Germany in professions with particularly high levels of demand.

After completing their training, trainees stand a good chance of securing a permanent position. They can also obtain additional qualifications to become a master craftsman or technician. Moreover, the master craftsman’s certificate entitles the bearer to enrol in a course of studies at a German university of applied sciences or university.

If you are interested in the German vocational training system or international cooperation or if you want to know how dual vocational training works in Germany in practice or how to find competent partners to cooperate with, please contact the German Office for International Cooperation in Vocational Education and Training for expert advice.


Office for International Cooperation


Dual vocational training

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Dual training schemes in Germany - making a successful career start

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For success, you need theory AND practise. Germany's dual system of vocational training is one of the most successfull elements of the country's education system, training people in factories and at college. We take a closer look at the concept.