Vocational training for citizens from EU and non-EU countries

Student with laptop Enlarge image Student with laptop (© dpa / picture-alliance) Vocational training for EU citizens

The Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS) has launched the programme MobiPro for young people from the EU who are aged from 18 to 27 years and are interested in completing a course of vocational training in Germany. Applicants may not have already completed another course of in-company vocational training or have a master’s degree. MobiPro supports the young people with additional projects at the workplace to help them learn the German language and become better integrated before and during their training period. The programme offers financial support to supplement the remuneration received during training.

You will find more information about the MobiPro initiative of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the Federal Employment Agency here:  http://www.thejobofmylife.de/de/home.html

Berufsausbildung Enlarge image (© colourbox) Training for citizens from non-EU countries

Citizens from non-EU countries may receive a residence permit for an in-company vocational training course. This requires the approval of the Federal Employment Agency, however.

Before granting approval, the Federal Employment Agency checks whether the training place has been advertised nationwide to potential German or EU applicants.

Graduates of German schools abroad who wish to complete a qualified in-company training course for a state-recognised or similarly accredited training occupation in Germany may be granted a residence permit without the approval of the Federal Employment Agency.

A training course can be completed in both the country of origin and in Germany if the German certificate is awarded in addition to the qualification obtained abroad.

Continued training and internships

Applicants may be granted residence for the purpose of continued training if this follows on from a course of training completed abroad. This school or in-company training must have a duration of at least two years. Recent work experience with a duration of three years without a qualification may also be recognised after checks by the Federal Employment Agency. Applicants may also complete continued training on the basis of a qualification from a university of applied sciences or university. In each case, the Federal Employment Agency must check and approve the applications.

Internships completed as part of a course of study or supported by a scholarship or exchange programme are not subject to checks. This applies to school and university students and to skilled workers and managers. The duration of residence in these cases may not exceed one year. 

Vocational training for citizens from EU and non-EU countries