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Family members of recognized Syrian refugees may submit their applications for family reunion at the German Missions in the neighboring countries of Syria.

Syrian nationals can only apply for family reunion to a recognized Syrian refugee at a German Mission in India if they have been residing in India for at least six months.

Further information please find on the webportal on family reunification for Syrian refugees


General Visa Information

For detailed information on visa regulations, please read here.

Depending on the purpose and duration of your stay in Germany you can either apply for 

a short-term Schengen visa or for 

a long-term German national visa for continuous stays over 90 days, including information on student visa.

The German Missions in India have outsourced the handling of SCHENGEN visa applications to VFS Global.

Important Notice

Starting November 2nd 2015, the Schengen-wide Visa Information System (VIS) was implemented for India and Bhutan. 

The introduction of the VIS has necessitated various changes to the visa application process:

  • People applying for a visa for the first time must apply in person, so that the necessary biometric data – ten fingerprints and a digital photo – can be collected.
  • Finger scans stored in the VIS can be re‑used for further visa applications within the following five years, so these later applications do not have to be made in person.
  • When travellers enter the Schengen area, the border authorities are thus able to verify their identity by accessing the VIS.

Find more information here:

Visa Information System  

  FAQs [pdf, 317.65k]


For attestations of signatures or copies, eg. for students applying to German universities or intending to open a BLOCKED ACCOUNT, please book a appointment at the Consulate.


Consular Services for Indian Nationals

Indian citizens are provided comprehensive consular services at the German Missions, including attestation of documents, signatures and copies as well as general information on consular matters.


Passports for German nationals

German nationals may apply for a passport following this link

App Auswärtiges AMt

“Auswärtiges Amt – Auslandsvertretungen weltweit”: the app for finding German missions abroad on all standard mobile devices

Its interactive and informative app provides quick, easy access to the latest information from the FFO.  

Visa & Consular Services

German Consulate General Bangalore

Visa fees for Schengen Visa


Current visa fees are as follows:

60 EUR
4,700 INR
minors 6-12
35 EUR
2,800 INR
minors under 6

In some cases, the visa fee might be waived. More

Fees for German National Visas


Current visa fees are as follows:




EUR 75
INR 5,900
minors 0 - 17
EUR 37.5
INR 3,000

In some cases, the visa fee might be waived. More

Holidays 2017


Please note the holidays 2017 observed by the German Consulate General in Bengaluru.