The German Consulate Bengaluru supports a new floating solar power unit at Kanthari, Kerala

The German Consulate supports a new floating PV solar power unit at Kanthari. It provides energy to a water pump for automatic irrigation of the eco fruit and vegetables garden as well as for energy that is used by computers in the office block at Kanthari in Trivandrum, Kerala.

Kanthari is an organization that aims to reach out and develop potential social leaders from the margins of society. Kanthari offers a 7 month leadership program for visionaries who have overcome adversity and who are keen to drive ethical social change. It equips participants with all the techniques, methods and ideas they need to start up and run effective, relevant social projects all over the world.
To know more about the organization, please visit their website:

General information on micro-projects funded by the German Consulate General:

The German Consulate Bengaluru is accepting applications from organisations working in Kerala and Karnataka to submit proposals for funding of micro projects. With the micro-project scheme, the Consulate General supports projects for disadvantaged groups of society to improve their social and economic situation. The maximum amount for each project is EUR 15,000. Preference is generally given to projects in the fields of education, vocational training, income-generation and protection of the environment. Projects promoting gender equality receive particular consideration. The target group benefitting from the micro-project should be actively involved in the project.

More information and application documents can be found on the website of the consulate. The last date for submission has been extended till 31st January 2015.