German Chancellor visited Bengaluru on October 5/6, 2015

Germany- India: Partners in Innovation: This would be a true characterization of the successful visit of the Chancellor of Germany Dr. Angela Merkel to Bengaluru on October 5/6 along with a high profile German business delegation. Together with Prime Minister Modi she visited the Bosch innovation Centre where they witnessed German and Indian collaboration that provide solutions to international customers and cover the whole value-chain from laboratories to software applications. She also met with CEOs of German Companies based in Bangalore.

Dr. Merkel saw firsthand the fusion of German engineering precision and Indian IT expertise at Bosch, she stated “India has competence in IT and we should merge it with our competence in Industry 4.0 (internet of things)“. The chancellor stated that “no wonder that reputed German institutions like Fraunhofer, an institute for applied research have set up shop here. This shows that Bengaluru stands as an example of great cooperation between our two countries in the sphere of innovation, research and development cooperation. Prime Minister Modi said that it is the software of India that will move the hardware across the world. India was a "bright spot" for investments amidst the global economic slowdown, India offered "huge potential" for production and consumption. The two Heads of Government also visited Bosch’s award-winning vocational training Centre and interacted with the trainees. Bosch has developed and deployed two-month training programs to provide basic skills to school drop-outs, including train-the-trainer programs.

Later, the Chancellor and the Prime Minister met with the German and Indian business leaders at a summit ‘Digitising Tomorrow Together’ organised by NASSCOM and the Fraunhofer Institute. Five business-to-business agreements were exchanged between German and Indian companies.

At the event, Dr. Merkel stated that "Indian investors are warmly welcome in Germany. I can only encourage you to become even more engaged in Germany. India is a huge market for us with so many of our top businesses represented here underscoring our intent to further economic and industrial relations with India. We are interested to be treated equally with Indian businesses and hope that a Free Trade Agreement with EU and India can be resumed. FTA will pave the way for German companies to come to India and reverse is also true”.

She emphasized that more than 12000 Indian students are enrolled in German varsities. Germany has established new immigration rules to make it easier for Indians to get jobs in Germany “while India needs highly skilled jobs, Germany needs highly skilled labour.

The Consul General of Germany in Bengaluru, Jörn Rohde was extremely satisfied with the visit. He said that “Bengaluru is the place in India where you can today actually see not only “Make in India” by German Companies but, furthermore, increasingly top-notch  R&D in India by companies like SAP, Bosch, Siemens or Mercedes-Benz and many more. Bengaluru’s R&D Centers are an integral part of the German companies operating worldwide”. There are 1,600 German companies in India, over 170 registered in Karnataka, providing workplaces for more than 4,00,000 Indians. “The German economy gains tremendously by the innovation potential of the R&D centers in India. In Bengaluru one can see global integration at its best” underlines German Consul General Jörn Rohde.

German Chancellor visited Bengaluru on October 5/6, 2015

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