Embassy Departments

Deputy Chief of Mission - Dr Jasper Wieck

Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM) and Head, Department for Economic and Global Affairs

The Ambassador is supported in his role by the Deputy Chief of Mission, Dr Jasper Wieck, who represents the Ambassador inside and outside the Embassy in all areas. The Department for Economic & Global Affairs is engaged with Indian stakeholders on global issues focussing on tangible results in business, trade, agriculture, energy, environment, sustainable development, higher education, vocational training as well as science & technology.

Curriculum Vitae
Germany & India: Partners on global issues
German President Gauck and Ms. Schadt during their State visit to India in 2014, here with Indian President Mukherjee and his daughter

The Political Section

The work of the Political Section focuses on Indian domestic and foreign politics. It provides the German Government with a comprehensive view of the political structures and procedures in Indian politics.


The Consular Section

The Consular and Legal Section of the German Embassy provides visa services for those who would like to travel to Germany, as well as a range of services for German citizens.

A technician fits a gas compressor in Leipzig, Germany

The Economics Section

The work of the Economic and Commercial Department focuses on macroeconomic environment and economic policy issues while the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce looks after the practical aspects of doing business in India.

Germany expands nanotechnology funding with new action plan

The Science & Technology Section

Germany is a land of ideas and a hub of cutting-edge international science and research. Research and development-intensive industries account for more than half of all industrial production in Germany.  The science section in the German Embassy co-ordinates the various activities of institutions of Germany and India in the scientific area. 

A  programme entitled ’48 Degrees‘ that took place in Delhi focussed on social and environmental issues

The Economic Cooperation & Development Section

India is one of Germany's most important partner countries in development cooperation (DC). Activities of Indo-German development cooperation focus on the energy sector, the environment, economic reforms and health. 

Pressekonferenz BPA

The Press and Information Section

The German Embassy's Press Department is the first stop for journalists seeking information on government positions or other issues of interest to journalists.

Anne-Sophie Mutter

The Cultural Section

Germany's cultural relations policy is part of our foreign policy. It promotes contact, co-operation and understanding between people and institutions in the cultural area. 

Typ 124 Frigate FGS Hamburg, which took part in a bilateral exercise with the Indian Navy off the coast of Kerala near Kochi.

The Military Section

The Military Staff to the German Embassy at New Delhi represents all services of the German Armed Forces including the Civilian Defence Procurement and Technology Department.


Administration department

The Administration Department of the Embassy is responsible for the internal procedures and the organizational structure. This includes maintenance of the properties (Chancellery, Residence and official accommodation) and official vehicles,  as well as personnel, financial and security issues. Furthermore a Regional Security Officer of the German Federal Police is assigned to the Administration Department whose remit also covers neighbouring countries.


German Embassy New Delhi

Ambassador's Corner

German Ambassador to India Dr. Martin Ney

The German Embassy New Delhi is delighted to announce the recent arrival of German Ambassador Dr. Martin Ney. For more details, follow the link to Ambassador Dr. Ney’s curriculum vitae.

Ambassador Dr. Martin Ney's CV

Preventing corruption


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