Germany and India - partners in addressing global issues

Today we are witness to dramatic global developments that are unveiling at a breathtaking pace. Mankind has crossed the threshold of seven billion people and interconnectedness across national borders is higher than ever before. These developments hold great promise and, at the same time, confront us with formidable challenges.

To seize new opportunities together, and to jointly address global challenges such as financial instabilities, climate change, energy security and health, Germany and India forged a Strategic and Global Partnership in the year 2000. Since then, we have moved even closer together as champions of United Nations reform, as members of the G20, and recently, as members of the United Nations Security Council in 2011/2012.

Building on this strong foundation, the five German Missions in India work to further deepen the dynamic Indo-German partnership on global issues. Our engagement in this field with India focuses on providing solutions in business, trade, agriculture, energy, environment, sustainable development, higher education, vocational training, science and technology. To realise the full potential of our partnership we engage with the government, the business community, research institutions, civil society and non-governmental organisations.

We invite you to browse through this section and to explore what we have achieved together in addressing global issues and how much more we aim to do tomorrow.

Located at the heart of Europe, Germany is Europe's number one logistics market

Economy & Trade

Germany is one of the world's leading industrial nations and ranks as one of the world’s three biggest trading nations. With its 82 million inhabitants, it also offers the largest market within the European Union. 

Germany’s Humboldt Foundation promotes international climate protection research

Energy, Environment, Sustainable Development

Promotion of renewable energy sources, protection of the environment as well as sustainability issues are the major focal points of German Government policy. These policies have also become a driving force for German businesses, which are already at the forefront of innovation and job creation in the field. 

Germany and India - partners in addressing global issues

Germany & India - partners on global issues

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