The Consular Section

Code_Civil Enlarge image (© The Consular and Legal Section of the German Embassy provides visa services for those who would like to travel to Germany, as well as a range of services for German citizens. It keeps track of legal issues in India that are of interest to Germany.

Whether you need a visa for Germany or are looking for information on German citizenship, customs regulations, inheritance matters, marriage in Germany, or numerous other consular matters such as looking after German prisoners detained in India, certification of legal documents, affiliation orders, legal aid in civil and penal cases, we are there to assist you.

The Consular and Legal Section of the German Embassy is competent for the legal aspects of the relationship between India and Germany and the consular matters of Germans in India.

Please note that the working hours of the consular section are from 8.00 to 12.00 a.m.

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Consular Section


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